Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life... Like a box of chocolates..

I found out today that a very good friend of mine is having relationship issues and as a result has called off his upcoming wedding. Now, you might say this is a good thing because at least he found out these things (whatever they may be that are big enough to call off a wedding for) before he said "I do" and got his receipt (marriage license). The difference here is that they have a little girl waiting to enter the world and my friend really wants to do the right thing and make a family for the new addition to grow up with. Now, this sentiment of getting married just because there is a child involved might be a shade old school, but I think that you have to try and make it work as best you can and that's exactly what my friend is trying to do. Unfortunately, it sounds like no compromise is coming from the other party involved. So, now what happens? Well, like in most other situations, we get the lawyers involved and pay them money we don't have so that we can argue our points to a neutral third party to be the decider on what should happen with the new life that is or has entered this world. I really hope things get better for my friend, he is a great guy and deserves to be happy. This is a sad story, I hope it has a good ending..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O'Hare Airport manditory delay..

Waiting on my sister's flight to arrive from Philadelphia. It was already going to be in kinda late, like midnight, but now it has been delayed till 12:53. So, I am here at home tracking it via Pretty cool website, gives you pretty up to date info about the flight in question and you can even have alerts sent to you mobile phone via text. They also have a pretty nice mobile site (with a lot of ringtone links). It is amazing the things we are able to do these days. I remember when you had to make plans with people and keep them because once you left your land line phone there was no way to get a hold of them. I think that all this tech is great and in a way freeing you to explore, but do you think that it is also having the negative effect of making people less responsible and creating some serious reliance? I don't know for sure but I do know that every time some one says to me "let me see whats going on" or "I want to keep my options open" when I am trying to put together a get together I want to scream WTF and perhaps some other choice superlatives. Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is people have become so free that now they are becoming A-holes and enough of an A-hole that they will basically say to your face that they are holding out for something better to do, but might come if nothing comes up.. That's just wrong..