Thursday, May 21, 2009

Republican Conspiracy Theory

Ok, I am about to introduce you to the way my mind thinks sometimes when it is idle from other tasks, so prepare yourself. First off, just because I am writing this down doesn't mean that this is what I believe is true and is really nothing more the idle thoughts that in no way are fact.

So, I have been reading a lot about this whole deal with Nancy Pelosi being briefed about torture back in 2002 I think, and how they (the republicans in Congress) are trying to make it seem that the Democrats in Congress where just as much to blame for what went down the last 8 years as they are. Well, here is what my brain is seeing. In response to this every left-winger and Congressional Dem is pointing out that the cited proof of this comes from the CIA and that, per their track record, are prone to lieing to Congress. Now yes, Republicans are pushing the idea that it is unamerican to say such things about the CIA , but the Dems and the media are becoming the loudest voice basically discrediting the CIA on all things torture related (of the last administration). Ask yourself this, do you really want one of the only sources of information on the top secret goings on over the past 8 years to be an agency that Congress and due to the media, the people of the United States has no confidence in? I don't think so.. So, to the conspiracy part, is all this just a plan by the opposition party to derail any possible investigation while also looking like they want it investigated?

Anyway, that's my wild theory that may have some flaws but broadly enough plausible, I guess..

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