Sunday, August 2, 2009

Will you marry me?!

I finally asked my girlfriend to marry me! A little over a year ago I started looking for rings and thinking about how I wanted to do it and yesterday I pulled the trigger on my plans. Here is how the night went. I told her that I wanted to take her out to a restaurant, Petterinos, that we go to every once and a while so that it wouldn't seem out of the ordinary. I called a taxi and they never showed up, so I had to call another one which finally showed up but made us 30 minutes late for our reservation. It was ok because the restaurant wasn't to busy (no good shows in town) and were seated right away. We ordered our food and after the main course Fatima starting to not feel well, which then caused me to start sweating bullets, but ultimately she starting feeling better so we pushed on with desert and decided to go for a walk. The walk was planned ahead of time as a way to get us to the next part of my 3 part plan. We walked down a few blocks and on the way I mentioned that it was a beautiful night and that we should do a carriage ride. She thought this was a very nice idea as well and so we walked to the old water tower on Michigan ave where all the carriages start from. I went up to the driver and asked how much and after he told me I started to get out my wallet and told Fatima to go ahead and get in the carriage. When she was out of ear shot I asked the driver if he could take a route that went by Lake Michigan and ended on Ontario and Michigan which was were part 3 of the plan would commence from. So, we started our ride and and took some pictures and a short video (posted on my Face Book account) and when we got in front of the Lake and in sight of Navy Pier I popped the question. Here is what I said: "When I first saw you I felt a connection, the second time I saw you you gave me the finger and told me "your not getting any of this", the 3rd time I saw you, you spilled wine all over my jeans and we took a carriage ride and I fell in love with you! Fatima Noda, will you merry me?"! She said yes and made me the happiest person in the world at that moment in time! This is where I asked her:

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I asked the driver to take a photo of us and we continued on as we talked about our future and commented on what had just happened and how beautiful the evening was. We approached our destination and Fatima and I were discussing how much we wished we were already home when I said "I don't know if I can wait to get home!" She looked at me confused, especially when I started to get out of the carriage before we had actually come to the end of the ride. She asked what I as doing and I told her that we were staying at the Allerton Hotel tonight and not going home! She was very surprised! So we went up to our room, I mean Suite, where I surprised her again with flowers, candles, and rose pedals on the you know what! (other stuff happened) We got up and relaxed with a nice breakfast and then went home where we called all of our family members to spread the news! All in all I think it went pretty well! We are very excited about all the great things we have in front of us!


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